Leadership | Confidence | Self-Reliance

Through our programs girls have fun while learning about leadership, confidence, self-reliance and the principles of a market economy. These life long skills and self-perceptions are best established in the pre-college years when they can make the biggest difference.

Where Girls Are In Charge!

Biz Girls™ takes the interests, skills and passions of young women and helps them to understand how their own unique strengths can be turned into a profitable business.

Who We Are

Biz Girls ™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to creating the next generation of business and social leaders with every young woman realizing her full potential.

Our programs engage small groups of 10-12 girls, we teach leadership and entrepreneurship through hands-on, experiential lessons and establish real businesses. The curriculum is taught by a Certified Biz Girls Trainer™ and includes fundamentals of business, public speaking, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Biz Girls™ is unlike any other Program

Biz Girls™ is fun and fast paced and it requires an extra effort to be successful. Our Programs take girls through the fundamentals of business from marketing through finance. Doing all this can be challenging for adults – and we expect the girls to be highly motivated in order to meet this challenge!

Real Business

Biz Girls™ is “real business”. Beyond theoretical principles the Biz Girls CEO Accelerator™ Program includes establishment of a real, profit making business. Each girl becomes an actual business owner complete with an e-commerce website, accepting credit cards (optional), have their own website and business cards! Along the way, they will choose a product, develop a pricing strategy, create an on-line store to sell their product, connect to on-line payment systems and track their income and expenses.

Real Skills

Skills learned include leadership, marketing, pricing, advertising, and finance in an intensive hands-on one week camp led by experienced business and e-commerce experts. There is no better time that the teenage years to understanding how to manage money. The girls will learn important personal money management with their part-time earnings from their own business. They can choose to spend their income on clothes, charitable causes, establishing a college fund, or going out with friends! Mastering these skills develops confidence and courage the girls can build on to be successful in college, their career and in life.


We develop and deliver leadership and entrepreneurship based programs to inspire and empower girls to become world-class leaders.


To elevate the role and engagement of women in business and communities world-wide.

Core Values

Education: teaching girls about entrepreneurship and leadership

ApplicationApplying concepts to real-world operating businesses 

Empowerment: empowering girls to become business and community leaders 

Ownershipaligning girls’ passions with their own business 

Creativityinspiring innovation to create new solutions  

Our Team

As a Founder of the Women CEO Forum, a business growth forum designed for Women CEOs with businesses earning $1 million or more per year, Peter Adams has seen the need for developing young women at an early stage, before they go to college, to be successful leaders in a business environment.

So many grown women struggle with issues of roles and expectations, self-confidence, leadership styles and communication. By starting at an early age and creating self-perceptions of success, strength, accomplishment and leadership, we can create tomorrow’s successful women business owners and leaders.

The Biz Girls CEO Accelerator™ Program is designed not only to help girls start their first serious business, but also to shape their perceptions of themselves as empowered individuals capable of anything!

Bailey Adams, Board Member

Bailey Adams, Board Member

Bailey is an American University Senior studying international development and public health. She brings experience from the non-profit sector and recently served as the Volunteer Programs Manager at the Rockies Venture Club. She has worked on a variety of educational and empowerment programs with young adults from around the world and has numerous internship experiences. Other experience includes serving as the president of Empower Congo as well as the founder and executive director of the Cambodia Orphanage Project.

Bailey is passionate about poverty alleviation, gender equality, sustainable development, and social entrepreneurship and impact investing.

Dave Harris, Board Member

Dave Harris, Board Member

Dave is the Director of Operations for Rockies Venture Club (RVC), the longest running angel investor group in the US. Rockies Venture Club a non-profit organization furthering economic development in Colorado by connecting investors and entrepreneurs through conferences (Angel Capital Summit, Colorado Capital Conference, and Cannabis Capital Summit), networking events, educational offerings and facilitation of Colorado’s largest angel investor groups.

Prior to joining RVC, Dave worked as a collaborative start-up consultant specializing in strategy, business development, and project management. He also has 7+ years experience in international finance and content management at Thomson Reuters and Lipper, covering the financial markets for Latin America, Europe, and Canada.

Dave is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, and he enjoys climbing 14ers, backpacking, fishing, and cooking; often all simultaneously, while still answering RVC emails.

Connect at linkedin.com/in/daveharris5280

Denichiro Otsuga, Director of Corporate Development

Denichiro Otsuga, Director of Corporate Development

Denny has 15 years of experience in managing technology commercialization, intellectual property and research collaboration. He has worked and gained perspectives from both sides of the negotiation table, in academic institutions and a biotechnology company. Also, he has served on several boards for the organizations promoting research, industry and economic development.

Recently, Denny has been in leadership positions to design and implement new strategic initiatives and programs. In particular, experience includes: designing, developing and launching technology transfer operations, leading to create Proof of Concept (POC) programs and Creative Works programs. These initiatives and programs increased revenue and client engagement in less than a year after implementation.

Hope Hartman, Executive Director

Hope Hartman, Executive Director

Hope is the Executive Director for Biz Girls™. She’s integrated her experience in education, speech and drama coaching, management, technology transfer, training and business development to connect passion and purpose for Biz Girls™ initiatives. She has led teams for public, private and start-up companies across diverse markets and spanning 22 countries. Her personal tag line is “do it because you can.”

Hope is CEO of EnConnect LLC, a business service, fractional executive management and consulting firm. She holds a Masters Degree in Theater and a C.E.L.T.A. from Cambridge University.

Peter Adams, Founder & President

Peter Adams, Founder & President

Peter is the Executive Director of Rockies Venture Club, a 27 year old non-profit fostering economic development in the Rocky Mountain Region by supporting entrepreneurship through education, conferences, networking event and facilitating Angel Investing Groups.

Peter is co-author of Venture Capital for Dummies, published by John Wiley & Sons.

He has over twenty five years of business experience, including twelve years as President of a multi-site computer manufacturing company.  He founded and sold a multi-million dollar company providing IT equipment to government clients. He has served as Economics Director and as Chief Information Officer of an international professional services firm.

Peter has seven years of post-graduate education and holds an MBA degree. His areas of expertise include business finance, marketing and brand development, strategic planning, performance metrics, leadership, project management, information technology and organizational development.


2016 Registration Closed

The Biz Girls CEO Accelerator™ program will return in 2017.  We’ll announce dates & locations at the top of the new year. If you know or are a teenage girl interested in leadership, business or entrepreneurship stay tuned for information about our monthly Meetups.


Summer 2016

This is a one week intensive experiential learning program for incoming high school girls as well as graduating seniors.  Each girl is a CEO and has the opportunity to earn her OWN money.

Fort Collins: June 13 – 17 Eight New Businesses Successfully Launched!
Days 1-4: Hosted by CSU Institute of Entrepreneurship
Days 5: Hosted by Galvanize – Fort Collins

Registration for 2016 is closed.

Cadre Discussion_2016

Monthly Meetups are 2nd Sundays from 2-4pm

Join us for a peer group discussion each month to talk about your business ideas, your successes, your challenges and look to your peers for experienced based advice. In a comfortable environment with beverages, enjoy the Sunday afternoon with the Executive Director, Hope, and from time to time joined by other community leader  and business experts. Please note the location varies and mark your calendars:

August 14 –  Mugs Coffee Lounge, 261 S. College Ave, Fort Collins

September 11 – Mugs Coffee Lounge, 261 S. College Ave, Fort Collins

October 9 – Dazbog, 556 N Lincoln Ave, Loveland

November 13 – Mugs Coffee Lounge, 261 S. College Ave, Fort Collins

December 11 – Mugs Coffee Lounge, 261 S. College Ave, Fort Collins

2016 Cadre

2016 Coaches


I LOVE what I do. Prospecting and marketing is my strength. Taking care of clients is my motivation. I am a bilingual – professional Insurance Agent working at the top agency in Colorado with Farmers Insurance.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.56.56 PM

Stephanie has been a Master Change Agent since 1997 in the multi-faceted roles of Human Resource Director, Certified Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula; and since 2005, as a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach and graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Program. She is an expert in supporting busy women professionals and moms who want to create a revolution from the inside out – into their community and beyond. With a passion for authenticity, she supports women in stepping out on their own, redefining their current rules, roles and responsibilities so they are able to live and work with more confidence, ease and fun no matter what is happening around them. Stephanie’s clients typically report  experiencing more profitability and professional impact, greater relationship fulfillment, an increased feeling of personal empowerment, as well as a deeper sense of peace and self-respect.

Amy Alcorn (1)

Amy Alcorn works to help local businesses connect with their customers through digital marketing including Email Marketing Campaigns and Social Media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. One thing Amy loves about social media is that it creates a new place for people and businesses to connect with friends, supporters, and customers. Away from work, she enjoys volunteering and has been the Social Media Coordinator for the Sustainable Living Association since 2008. Amy graduated from CSU with a degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Finance and has been falling in love with Fort Collins and our wonderful community ever since.


Cindy Skalicky is the Founder of On Point Communications and brings over 20 years of experience developing, refining and delivering effective messages in the corporate, academic, and entrepreneurial worlds. With a graduate degree in rhetorical techniques and persuasion, Cindy and her team are ready to help you Master the Message.


Julie is a Colorado native with a passion for helping people define what wellness means for them and then achieving that vision. After years of struggling with her own weight and body image, Julie forged a new wellness path for herself. Using her personal experience and training as a Health and Wellness Coach she works with clients to create lasting habit change, build confidence and empower the individual to be the expert and owner of their own health and wellness.


A focused, hands-on human resources leader with a diverse background and significant work experience driven to bringing employee satisfaction to the workplace for all employees. Specialties: Employee relations, organizational development and strategic planning, process development and implementation, eeoc and workplace investigation, annual audit processes and procedures, benefit plan design and management, compensation strategies and performance management, employee and management development, employment law and compliance, benefit contract negotiations and RFP process, vendor management, and recruitment including affirmative action plan management and compliance


Talent for defining and resolving issues to avoid unnecessary cost expenditures. Effectively establish and manage key relationships with decision makers and strategic partners. Dynamic communication, presentation, relationship building, and critical thinking abilities. Highly versatile; quickly masters new roles, responsibilities, technologies, and environments. Facilitates smooth communication between staff and senior personnel and expedite workflow to attain objectives. Demonstrates outstanding problem solving and active listening skills; diffuse difficult customer situations with tact and ease. Proficient in Outlook Excel, Word, and Adobe Acrobat.

2016 Speakers


My current role is to support the MergeLane community, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. I love connecting with startups, potential MergeLane mentors and anyone interested in learning more about the Boulder community.

I strive to live deliberately and compassionately and to generate a positive impact every day. I am passionate about supporting women in business, startups, environmental sustainability, leadership development and outdoor activities.

My core competencies include the following: community building, startups, social enterprise, operations, entrepreneurship, event management, event planning, workshop development, startup accelerators, program management, B Corp certification, co-working spaces, intern management.

A good friend once said, “Whether you want to or not, choose to or not, you will affect the greater picture of the world around you. We are all born under great responsibility, for our lives and the actions carried out in our days carve history, creating an influenced tomorrow.”


Kelly Peters is the Executive Director of the Warehouse Business Accelerator. In this role she leads the non-profit towards its mission to grow second stage companies. Previous to this she was Vice President of Northern Colorado Economic Development. Her primary functions included corporate relations and retention, expansion and attraction assistance to primary industry. Prior to this role she was the Director of Corporate Solutions at Front Range CC, Chief Operating Officer for the Innosphere, Policy and Project Manager for the City of Fort Collins, City of Greeley’s first Economic Development Director as well as 7 years in the capacity of Executive Director of the Loveland Center for Business Development. Her passion is for Economic Gardening – or sophisticated market research for business. She holds a BA in Business Administration from CSU, an emphasis in Human Resources and a certification in Economic Development Finance. She is a graduate of the Economic Development Institute at the University of Oklahoma. Kelly has an active civic background with former and current board and committee roles in the following organizations: Colorado State Board of Economic Developers, Larimer and Weld county workforce boards, Loveland Chamber of Commerce, Workforce Diversity committee, Co Enterprise Fund Advisory board, Northern CO Idea lab, Aims Community College Board, Larimer County United Way, Larimer County SBDC, and the Northern CO Business Assistance Consortium. Kelly was recognized by BizWest as one of the top 40 business people under the age of 40 making a difference in Northern CO and a nominee for Larimer County Women of Distinction in 2011. She was awarded the Colorado Women of Vision award in 2012.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.58.54 PM

Jennifer creates beautiful home décor out of upcycled and recycled items with both an online and trade show presence. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Northern Colorado, Jennifer worked as a high school Physical Education teacher and volleyball coach for 10 years. She went on to earn a Masters of Natural Resources with an emphasis in Environmental Education for the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. In Jennifer’s early life her family owned a retail fishing store which brought on her desire to one day own her own business. Upon starting a family Jennifer decided to tap in to her love of crafting and designing home décor starting The Pink Moose in 2014. This has allowed her to work from home providing a great work/life balance. She loves being able to combine her love of creating with her love for taking care of the


G. Krista Morgan, CEO & Cofounder of P2Binvestor Krista Morgan is cofounder and CEO of P2Binvestor (p2bi.com), a marketplace lending platform that provides crowdsourced, asset-secured working capital to growth companies in technology, natural foods and other consumer packaged goods, personnel services, manufacturing, software-as-a-service, and professional services. In less than 18 months, Morgan has grown P2Binvestor into a multimillion-dollar company, a thriving online marketplace, and one of the few tech-enabled commercial lenders that can underwrite and fund million-dollar lines of credit in a few days. In addition to running a financial technology startup, she is the cohost of the Women Who Startup Radio (a popular podcast), an ardent mentor to other women entrepreneurs, and a trusted leader who speaks regularly on business finance, fundraising, the importance of diversity in building great teams, and scaling a startup. @Krismtl

Company Twitter handle: @P2Binvestor
Personal Twitter handle: @Krismtl


Teresa Funke embodies the modern artist/entrepreneur. She is the owner of Teresa Funke & Company and Victory House Press and the award-winning author of six novels for adults and children based on true stories from WWII. Her articles, essays, and short stories have been featured in numerous publications. She is also a nationwide speaker offering keynotes and presentations, and a popular writer’s coach and idea development coach. She has 24 years of experience as an entrepreneur and community catalyst. Her innovative programs and boundary-pushing talks prove that she is a true thought leader, one who challenges us to change our view of how life and business should be led.

Ashley Colpaart

Ashley is the Founder and CEO of The Food Corridor, a virtual food hub that provides real-time search and discovery, online booking, financial transactions, specificity and fit, and user verification to enable food businesses direct access the commercial kitchen spaces they need.

Ashley is a Registered Dietitian who earned a Masters in Food Policy and Applied Nutrition – specializing in Sustainable Food Systems and the Environment from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. She has a unique systems understanding of food and human health in social, economic, and environmental spheres. 

Ashley’s writing has been published in Today's Dietitian Magazine, the Environmental Nutrition Newsletter, US Food Policy blog, the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, and Tufts Nutrition Magazine.  Her work has also been recognized by awards, including The Northern Colorado and Colorado Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Emerging Leader Awards; The Western Extension Young Professional Award; The Tufts Presidential Award for Active Citizenship and Public Service; and the Excellence in Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Award.

Patti Smith headshot 2015_2_KM

Hello. I am Patti Smith, having grown up in North Dakota on a farm I enjoy the outdoors, peacefulness, being in service to neighbors and entrepreneurial experiences afforded me from this life experience. I have lived in Fort Collins since 1975 where Steven and I raised our three wonderful sons: Jason (Sarah), Matthew (Alyse) and Ryan. Today we are blessed with three Grandsons: Charlie, Wyatt and Benny truly the loves of my life.

As a Registered Nurse I have worked in a variety of healthcare areas: hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, Long Term Care/Nursing Home Consultant, military as RN in 1st Persian Gulf War, classroom educator fifteen years of which twelve were facilitating high school students’ introduction to the healthcare professions at FRCC/LC and an entrepreneur the past eighteen years as a Health Education Consultant. I have been blessed to assist school districts all over Colorado in creating Health Science Technology Education programs to introduce their high school students to the Healthcare Professions. In these programs the students also complete a Certified Nurse Aide program, which enables them to gain valuable work experience and provide them an income as they pursue further education or other life experiences. I have truly enjoyed meeting these young adults all over Colorado and my best experience as an educator was when I was invited to be in classrooms with students who had grown up in refugee camps. They demonstrated their service mindset to serve and love with purpose as they wanted to be an educated health professional and go back to the country they grew up in to support children in refugee camps.

I was invited to join the Zonta Club of Fort Collins (5) five years ago as my friend said it was a perfect match for me as I love working with women of all ages especially high school-aged young women and Deanne was right. I have truly enjoyed being a member of the Zonta Club as we work to create equal gender opportunity locally and globally. Locally, one emphasis is to provide scholarships to single Mom’s to help them complete their education, young women in high school who give back to the community and college-aged women. Two of our other projects are to educate our community on need to decrease violence against women through our ‘Zonta Says No’ initiative and to make birthing kits for women in Uganda for our local partner ThinkHumanity.org. Visit: www.ZontaFCevent.com.

I am most excited about our women’s legacy project: ‘Her Legacy: Women of Fort Collins’. We have been approved to create a permanent art-in- public places exhibit recognizing notable women whom followed their passion and ultimately left an unplanned legacy as a role model in our Fort Collins community. Visit: www.HerLegacyZontaFC.com. If you are interested in supporting this project visit: www.HerLegacyFCDonate.org.

I leave you with this quote from Khalil Gibran: “I slept, and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke, and I asaw that life is all service. I served, and I saw that service is joy.” Try it. Blessings.

Miya & Rosa headshot

Rosa and Maya Shore are young entrepreneurs who have owned their own business since 2009. They began their endeavors raising chickens and selling organic eggs from the side of the road in their local community. Their business has continued and expanded to the present day, offering fresh, made-from-scratch baked goods delivered to their customers along with delicious eggs.

In 2015, these home-schooled girls recently were awarded the Larimer County’s Young Entrepreneur first place award in various business categories. They continue today by selling quality products to the local community with the goal of educating others on how hard work and perseverance can propel even the youngest of citizens to accomplish great things.

Sierra Goldstein

Herbal Heart Apothecary was born from the idea of In-to- Out beauty, in a high altitude intense climate. We believe that what you put in your body, is as important as what you put on your body. We craved products that would see us through Colorado ski seasons, summer hikes and this very high and dry climate. Inspired by our herbalist & Hildegard we began crafting H2a. It has been transformative to our lives, turning everyday routines into infused daily rituals.

We are women owned and operated. Our herbalist began formulations in 1989. We Practice responsible sourcing, use earth friendly and recyclable materials and strive to produce more of our own herbs every year.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 10.06.56 PM

Herbal Heart Apothecary was born from the idea of In-to- Out beauty, in a high altitude intense climate. We believe that what you put in your body, is as important as what you put on your body. We craved products that would see us through Colorado ski seasons, summer hikes and this very high and dry climate. Inspired by our herbalist & Hildegard we began crafting H2a. It has been transformative to our lives, turning everyday routines into infused daily rituals.

We are women owned and operated. Our herbalist began formulations in 1989. We Practice responsible sourcing, use earth friendly and recyclable materials and strive to produce more of our own herbs every year.

2016 Facilitators


Developing long-term, mutually-empowering partnerships that help clients reach their goals faster and serve their own professional networks more comprehensively.

Bridge Builder.

Relationship Architect.


“I believe that marketing can be kind and honest and heartfelt, and is really about helping people. It’s not about the hard sell. It’s not about “pushing” a product/service on somebody that they don’t want. It’s all about storytelling – helping people explain their product or service in the most clear way to their target customer (who is actively looking for their exact product or service). So it’s really just a matchmaking service –– making both sides of the transaction happy because you help them find each other.”

Entrepreneur and Marketing Communication Director with varied interests and talents across the fields of marketing, media, technology, science, education, and scientific & social research.

Business development and marketing experience working with start-ups, medium-sized businesses looking to take the next steps, and large international organizations. Have worked extensively in the fields of sustainability, green products, healthy living, natural products, and also within the global, emerging market (bottom of pyramid), enterprise-based nonprofit setting.

Always interested in the next great app that makes my day a little easier or makes me smile, actively pursuing business opportunities in online design, marketing and green printing, and making connections in the Denver / Boulder / Front Range / Fort Collins / Northern Colorado area.

Have a strong passion for being a part of a green, sustainable, ethically-responsible business. I am proud to work with inspirational businesses and organizations that make it easy to come to work in the morning. Have ties to the National Parks, Interpretation, and Private/Public Lands communities.


Expertise in softskill training including leadership, emotions in the workplace, interpersonal communication, innovation and creativity, dealing with conflict, team building and skill development for new managers. Senior level instructional design experience, highly skilled facilitator and seasoned project manager (for learning projects).

Coaching based on the “Re-builders Toolkit,” a system that supports people, especially leaders, who are suffering from a professional or personal misstep.

2016 Ambassadors

image1 (1)

I love Biz Girls because of the great ways it motivates girls to take control and be in charge. I go to Rocky and I am a Junior. I do ballet and love to volunteer and travel. I hope to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable at the new Biz Girls.


I’m a passionate journalist, aspiring entrepreneur and vegan marathon runner. Born in the lavishing city of Moscow, I was homeschooled most of my life and had the privilege of traveling to over forty different countries and learning about the diverse cultures that make up the planet. Today I’m a high school senior living in Colorado and although my current focus is scholarships and college applications, I’m always looking for new opportunities and love being involved in many events/clubs/programs at my school and in my community.

I recently founded a business, Luminary, its a personal branding agency for students; we help students create a compelling “personal brand” to market themselves to potential employers and scholarship programs via social media. Feel free to check out the website and get in touch with me via the email below!

Have a great day!!



Alexus McCoy

I want to be successful person in everything I put my mind to. Helping others is my main goal. I love volunteering at Libraries and reading to children. I also enjoy teaching and tutoring others. I enjoy party planning, marketing, and selling. I have many ideas for businesses and I’m currently working on a startup.


Niharika is a sophomore at Rock Canton High School. She spends a lot of time in the business classroom, learning about different terms and strategies, at her school. She loves business. In her free time though, she loves reading, listening to music and dancing, and watching TV. She is the CEO My Tara Events, and is trying to spread word of mouth before officially starting in the summer.




Rockies Venture Club
Pizza Casbah
pirate radio logo

Peter Adams
Don Hartman, Karen Brown

Sandra Roberts, Josh “Flo” Floryance, Alison Berman

Rockies Venture Foundation, EnConnect Holdings
University of Denver Women’s College, Digital Workshop Center
Trader Joe’s – Fort Collins
Angela Kosek


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